Download and Installation

Lancelot is now a part of KDE SC (since 4.2) so it should be available to you through the standard packaging system of your distribution. Lancelot is located in kdeplasma-addons package (the name may vary from distribution to distribution).

If you want to compile the development version by yourself, continue reading.


  • Subversion client
  • Python >=2.5 (needed only at compile time)
  • Qt4 and latest KDE SC 4.x or trunk development libraries (kdelibs, libplasma and kdebase/workspace libs)
  • cmake

Download the sources

To download the latest sources (guarantied to compile against the development version of KDE SC), do the following:

$ export KDESVN=svn://
$ svn co -N $KDESVN/trunk/KDE/kdeplasma-addons/
$ svn up -N kdeplasma-addons/applets
$ svn up kdeplasma-addons/applets/lancelot


Enter the directory that contains the newly downloaded source code (cd kdeplasma-addons). Edit CMakeLists.txt file and comment out all add_subdirectory commands except add_subdirectory(applets), then edit applets/CMakeLists.txt and do the same as above, just this time leave only add_subdirectory(lancelot) uncommented.

Then do the following:

  $ mkdir build
  $ cd build
  $ cmake .. \
       -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` \
  $ make
If you make crash reports (if they occur) on, install the KDElibs, libplasma and Qt with debugging symbols included, and replace ‘release’ in above script with ‘debugfull’.


If you have KDE SC 4 installed in a user-writable directory, just type
  $ make install
If not, you need to log in as root user and then do the make install. Alternatively, if your system has the sudo command, you can type
  $ sudo make install

If you have the KDE SC development environment set up according to this Techbase article, just enter the source directory and type

  $ cmakekde
It will do both the compilation and installation.

Almost there

Now just restart (log out from KDE Workspace and log back in) Plasma and add the Lancelot applet to the panel or desktop, or wherever.


If you have problems installing or running Lancelot, visit the:
FAQ: Troubleshooting section.