Why the name Lancelot?

There are three reasons - the predecessor project (see the history) was named Lancelot.

The second is that it sounds like "launching lot" (lot as in "parking lot") or "launch-a-lot" (I have found a couple of places where the original reason was misinterpreted as "launch a lot" and I liked it).

The third, and probably the most important, reason is that I am a Monty Python fan.

Why the name has no K in it?

Well, there's a tendency to remove the K from the applications in KDE SC (Plasma, Decibel, ...). On the other side, you could always call it Knight Lancelot.

Why the grail icon?

See the last reason for naming the program Lancelot. Sir Lancelot is one of the main characters in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail motion picture..


Compilation failed.

This most probably means that you haven't satisfied all the dependencies. Visit the comment section on this blog post. If you really, really think that you have everything set up, find me on IRC.

Unknown applet error.

Check your installation. Make sure that you have the following files in your KDE SC's installation directory:

  • lib/kde4/plasma_applet_lancelot_launcher.so
  • lib/kde4/plasma_applet_lancelot_part.so
  • bin/lancelot
  • lib/liblancelot.so
If you don't have those files installed, make sure you followed the instructions by letter, without skipping anything. The next thing to try is to invoke the make install command from 'build/libs/lancelot' directory first, and then from the 'build/app' directory.
If the problem still persists, find me on IRC.

Menu doesn't open.

There is something wrong with your D-Bus setup. Check that the org.kde.lancelot.service file is located in your D-Bus services directory (/usr/share/dbus-1/services/ on most systems). If that file doesn't exist, do this as root:

# cp `kde4-config --prefix`/share/dbus-1/services/*lancelot* \
The main problem is that D-Bus can search only in one directory for service files, and when you install KDE SC into some other prefix than /usr (or, to be more precise, in a different prefix than that of D-Bus), it installs the service file in the prefix you have specified (which is the right thing to do), but then your system's D-Bus can not find it.

Error while running (Segmentation fault).

As with all non-trivial software, Lancelot has it's share of bugs. If you receive a runtime error, please install the package with debugging symbols included and post the backtrace to the BKO


Could you implement ...

For any feature requests you have, visit the dedicated topic on KDE forums. But, please, before posting any new requests, read the rules and browse through other posts to see whether your idea is already proposed there.

Lancelot doesn't follow the Plasma theme

Yes it does. But your theme doesn't provide the necessary files needed by Lancelot. Standard Plasma themes are not sufficient simply because Lancelot has much more graphic elements than other Plasma applets.

Where's the keyboard navigation.

Keyboard navigation is currently being developed.

Anything related to the scroll buttons.

If you don't like the scroll buttons, want them to disappear when not needed, not to cover the items in the list, etc. do not complain, they are going to be replaced by real scroll bars.


I have an idea how Lancelot should be reorganized.

Obviously, I'll be glad to hear all ideas for improvement, but keep in mind that Lancelot's current layout is not accidental and that there are big reasons for most of current design choices. Most of them involve the no-click concept.

Could you add...

If you have something you'd like to see added to Lancelot, feel free to either file a wishlist at BKO or to contact me.


Why yet another menu?

Existing launching interfaces have, in my opinion, one common weakness - in order to make some things more accessible, sacrifices had to be made. One example would be Kickoff's way of browsing non-favorite applications, which is too slow and hides the "whole picture" from the user by not showing the list of all categories at all times. On the other hand, Tasty Menu does the job of application browsing very well, but it is too large and not well-thought through.

Lancelot is trying to make a compromise between the two approaches - to be relatively small, and to have unimpaired accessibility.

Yes, but is it really needed?

It is for me. I get annoyed when using the existing menus so I mostly use the console to start programs.

I will use it only if you make it look like Vista's.

Well, please, don't use my program. No, I mean it please don't! Lancelot looks and works as I want it to. I am too selfish and self-centered to pay any attention to requests like this one.

I will use it only if you make it look like Kickoff.

I will not put a "see above" statement here since Kickoff is not at all /that/ bad. With that said, understand that I don't like Kickoff and that one of the main reasons Lancelot exists is the fact that Kickoff was chosen to be default ALI for KDE SC 4.o, and I didn't want to be forced to use it. See the history for more detailed info.

I will use it only if you make it look like *.

See one of the above answers depending on the value of *.

It looks too much like Windows' menu.

Well, yes, it is a menu and it is used to launch applications.